COMBO ISSUE 001 — January 2021
Tales of the dreamtime
#1 Tales of the dreamtime

An eclectic mix of illustrated stories, utopian imagery, games, tutorial and quizz. A glossary of hapiness to keep close to you heart.

Editor in chief:
Louise Follain

Art Director:
Léa Bigot

Paul Rousteau, Sarah Espeute, Alexis Martial, Leila Nour Johnson, Sam Hellmann, Lola Frydman, Marie-Victoire de Bascher, Charlie Tronchot, Melvin Israel, Léo Walk, Pauline Monnier, Laetitia Rouget…

& everyone who shared a sentence or a word online for the making of our Cadavre Exquis and of our Glossary of Happiness
2020 marks a shift in our collective consciousness.
During these peculiar times, we needed to gather creative minds to try and represent what tommorrow's world ought to look like.
COMBO comes from a burning desire to combine our minds in order to portray the rebirth of our points of view during these awing moments.
We believe bringing our minds together enables us to feel connected. The more we combine the wider our views spread.
we share values of
Combo is, above all, an artistic and playful journey
An ode to union, to nature, to freedom
Celebrating togetherness
& uniting sparkling minds from all over the globe
Let’s combine
our thoughts together: